Questions for City Hall Ballot Question Meeting


    On Sept 8, I received the following email invitation

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for the City’s Facebook Town Hall on the ballot question. Didn’t submit your question(s) in advance? No problem, join the live conversation tomorrow at 6:30 pm and submit your questions during the one-hour event. All topic-related questions that are not answered during the event (should time constraints arise) will be answered and posted to the City website following the event.

And so, I submitted the following questions, the answers I expect to appear on the city website as the city communication promised.

Question 1—How does the general vote guarantee political representation at City Hall for every community of Oshawa?

Question 2–If the ability to vote for all politicians is an asset, why don’t we don’t we use it to vote for every Federal MP elected to the National Parliament and for every MPP elected to our Provincial Legislature?

Question 3–If the general vote is best, why is it not used widely across the country?

Question 4–How does the general vote work to bring city politics closer to the people when it produces politicians who are responsible for almost twice the number of people of our MP’s and MPP’s?

Question 5—How is it democratic to use taxpayer resources to organize a series of meetings to promote retention of the General Vote desired by incumbent politicians and not ward voting that is the most widely used municipal election system across the country?

Question 6—How does the General Vote work to provide more representative, responsive, and accountable city politicians?

Question 7—-If the General Vote is so good, why is it not used in Toronto?

    And the statement

I will be present to address all of these questions if they cannot be adequately addressed by those running the meeting and charged with the responsibility of answering questions forwarded by interested ratepayers, and if I am not allowed to address these questions and others forwarded by interested attendees, I will announce the holding of a meeting outside city hall, following the adjournment of the city hall meeting, to address the answers for those interested and any other questions they have.


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