Compare the Mayor Candidates

Comparison of Mayor Candidates at Senior’s Centre Debates–Oct. 7, 2014—Videos Compliments of Robt. Bell

Bill Longworth Summary statement at Sr Centre Mayoraly Debate—responding to John Gray’s alarmist remarks about loss of taxes if GM pulls out and tumbling house prices due to all the houses on the market for the displaced workers…says this could lead to Detroit type bankruptcy for Oshawa.  — Complete analysis of situation at

Rosemary McConkey summary statement at Sr. Centre Debate  —-



Videos of mayor’s debate at Refuge Homeless Youth Centre — all compliments of Robt Bell, Oshawa’s unnamed official photographer.

Something I’ve observed in watching  these videos…while the speakers generally describe existing problems, Bill Longworth most often presented solutions to problems….and isn’t that what we want in a mayor, a person who concentrates on solutions?

Part 1 Intro of Candidates and moderator’s remarks—not included

Opening Statements part 2 order:Topple, Gray, McConkey

Opening statements part 3 Order: McConkey continued, Henry, DuVuona,

Following are responses to questions — Segment 4:Speaking Order: DuVuona, McConkey, Longworth —Segment 5: Speaking Order: Longworth, Topple, Gray, Henry, McConkey, Gray, Longworth –Segment 6: Speaking Order: Topple, Longworth, Gray