Council Dithering Leaves Us Behind Again

While Oshawa City Council suffers from lack of ideas, bickering, backstabbing, and no productivity or vision, chiefly because of our election system that requires only name recognition for incumbent’s re-election rather than any productive and visionary leadership, Pickering is hot off the mark again with a huge tourism development that is once again leaving Oshawa in its dust.

Pickering Council has voted to proceed with a $1.3B tourism hub project while Oshawa City Council is busy figuring out strategies to fire the Auditor General and eliminate his position and inviting undercover police to the Council Chambers to assault and arrest interested citizens.  Firing the Auditor General eliminates any independent oversight of city hall spending.

Such a contrast between our lakeshore communities.  No wonder Oshawa is considered the backwater of the GTA….and that has to change.