Bill’s Platform in a Nutshell

Bill talking at seniors mayor debate compliments of robt. bell croppedWe are blessed with a city of giant potential…but neither “big ideas” nor “progressive leadership” are coming from Council to put us on the road to that potential.

And we have a “General Vote” election system that promotes this inertia. And so the city is at a “progress standstill” until the city returns to the “Ward System” Election System used in virtually every municipality in the country.

As part of my “Good Government Plan,” I want to make changes to the way government works for YOU…more accountable and responsive…a Council that listens to you and your concerns, and values your ideas and input. In short, a Council that works for YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY.

I want to lead a Council that brings “big ideas” to fruition to attract good new jobs, renews our downtown, develops our waterfront as an exciting “people place”, promotes the development of a new world class “high tech” industrial park (Silicon Valley North) just west of the university, and promotes a project to design, manufacture, and construct new “state-of-the-art” innovative student micro-housing projects West of UOIT to model this new “Habitat for Humanity” housing type for export to the world.

I ask for your help, your support, and your vote on October 27. Thank you for your consideration. I will not let you down!

Photo…Senior Citizen’s Mayoral Debate—photo compliments Robt. Bell


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