Meet Bill Longworth

bill canoeing colour pic closeup 2 in wide croppedI have been an Oshawa resident and homeowner for 40 years and chose to raise my family here.  My three adult daughters all reside and work here and have blessed me so far with four grandchildren.

I am a retired Senior School Principal with the Scarborough Board of Education (now part of the Toronto District School Board).  I am a Graduate of Queen’s University and hold a Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto.  I was the most rapidly promoted GTA principal of my era and served 28 years in education administration.Bill Jersey cropped resized

As a resident of this city, I have volunteered over the years as a member of various committees and organizations:

  • I have been leading the fight to return Ward Elections, the election system most widely used in the country to Oshawa, to allow your community to elect its council representatives to represent your bill with classical guitar at flea market 1  resized to 3 to 3 inches highcommunity interests on City Council.  Under the present general vote, your community cannot chose anyone to represent your community and thus no politician is responsible for or accountable to your community...that’s why Oshawa’s system is seldom used in the country.  Please vote “YES” on the Ward System Election Ballot Question.
  • Founder and Chairman Ward System Now (1980-85) and personally presented the 23 day 1985 OMB case to first win ward elections forbiill-olyhmpic-flame-cropped-2-in-wide.jpg Oshawa, and now I’m having to fight to return it again! Ludicrous!  Why you might ask?  Because incumbent politicians prefer the general vote which improves their election chances, reduces their campaign efforts, and reduces their council workload because they don’t have ward voters they’re accountable to and have to look after!

  • Oshawa Federal Progressive Conservative Candidate for 1990 By-Election,
  • Member Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43,

Bill in bmw cropped resizedPast President Oshawa Parkwood Rotary Club and past Rotary District Governor’s Representative, District 707

Past Vice President Oshawa Soccer Council, Past Vice President Motor City Soccer League, Past Chairman Ontario Cup Organizing Committee for Ontario Mens’ Senior Soccer Championship

  • City Council Appointee Board of Directors Information Oshawa,

City Council Appointee Oshawa Property Standards Committee,

  • Elected as Executive Member of the Ontario Principals’ Association,Video 83 003

●    Former Publisher and Editor of the Ontario Principal Publication sent to every school in  the Province

Former Political Columnist for the Central Newspaper,

Former Radio host on for a weekly 3 hour political commentary show,

  • Bill with generals mascot cropped

    Following retirement i worked in China as a visiting professor at the Yunnan Finance and Trade Institute, in England as a Secondary School Maths Instructor at the Magna Carta Technological Institute, and in Egypt as Director of a startup high school to prepare students to write the SAT’s to enter American Universities.

  • Publish and write on social issues on my blogs, Bill's painting in Art, and
  • In my spare time, I cottage, oil paint, sing and play country pop (guitar), write stories (, and collect pioneer hand tools, primitive tribal masks, walking sticks, and art.

Hopefully I can count on your support for my election and also for your vote for a return of Ward Elections for Oshawa.


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