A return to ward elections is an absolute necessity for Oshawa to move forward, and is absolutely the most important issue in this election. We cannot afford to have another four years of the kind of dysfunctional general vote council we’ve just had.

Ward elections produce far more accountable, responsive and progressive city councils that co-operate to work for the betterment of this city.

The non productive and dysfunctional council we’ve had over the last 4 years is a function of the general vote that sets up all councillors as competitors for the same “city-wide” vote….and so they’ll fight, backstab, bitch and bicker, and even sue each other, to get a leg up on their Council “Competitors”.

As competitors, they’re dead set against supporting good ideas presented by another councillor competitor thinking, “Why should I allow my competitor to get important public recognition for a good idea and steal votes from me?”

And so the council fights along with nothing progressive or good being advanced by council. And we’re seeing that in spades with our general vote council.

Every councillor is so focussed on promoting their own political career and getting their name in the paper rather than being focussed on what is best for the forward advance of the city. At the same time, they are wanting to undermine their fellow councillors against winning votes, and if possible, take action to make them look bad! And best, one very skilled “Machiavellian Manipulator” is able to strategize to get fellow councillor followers to do all of the dirty “meat-cutting” while she sits back smiling innocently with virginal unbloodied hands and untainted reputation.

Council watchers will know that the only thing one young councillor does is “self-promote”, even while paying most attention to texting on her “city-supplied” smartphone throughout most council meetings, paying scant attention to the business-at-hand, and never contributing anything of merit. What a waste of close to $1/2 Million over the 4 year term!

That’s why not a damn thing of significance has been advanced this term….except for assaults and arrests of citizens attending council, the firing and elimination of the auditor general and his position so there is no independent oversight of public spending, and lawsuits against the city, and councillors suing one another.

There is general agreement by all that the council is dysfunctional and useless in advancing this city.


The only incumbents to show responsibility in providing good city government by pledging active support for a return to ward elections over the term were Bruce Wood, Tito Marimpietri, and John Neal.

All of the others must go—despite what they may tell you during the upcoming election campaign. They had their chance to return the best most widely used electoral system to Oshawa, but they refused. They proved they wanted to retain the general vote system that allowed them to waste a council seat to get elected simply on their name recognition only and not their political performance to benefit the voters and ratepayers of this city.

The only incumbents that deserve to be re-elected are those named and highlighted above who have proven over the term that they put the city business ahead of their political careers.

In choosing the candidates to support, I urge you not to recycle past politicians running on the October 27 ballot like John Gray and Brian Nicholson who were defeated for a reason and part of that reason was their non-support for ward elections.

John Gray got badly defeated as a Mayor for a reason….he thought for one thing that he could use your tax money to fund MBA’s for his executive assistant and Councillor Aprile Cullen….and marshalled in the General Vote with support of then councillor John Henry!  Can you trust either to return ward elections for more accountable and responsive city politicians.  Both Gray and Henry messed up big time in their mayoralties…Don’t give them a chance to do it again!

And you’ll find some candidates hedging their bets, sitting on the fence, or wanting to see what the vote is on the ward question before deciding, or pointing out a few anomalies of places that use the general vote to elect their 1 or 2 Regional Councillors (but never a majority of their council), and thus using this as support for calling for a hybrid or blended election system ensuring that only some politicians, those elected by ward, are fully accountable and responsive to ward ratepayers. Because a city and its politicians somewhere does something does not make it right. Rightness is best measured by the prevalence of use. And ward elections are most widely used in the country—-because they are more democratic and thus best…and right!

And those who say they have “No Objection” to ward voting is faint praise indeed for ward voting and does not sound like the kind of fighting spirit necessary to return VOTING JUSTICE to the people of this city.

The need to return the accountability and responsiveness of ward elections is imperative for good City Government and it is a battle that requires candidates to be “ALL IN”—those that want to sit on the fence will not be the council leaders we can trust to return responsible government to the city by returning ward elections.

Nothing less than a candidates dogmatic “YES—-I DEMAND WARD ELECTIONS FOR OSHAWA,” is enough for candidates to prove their promise and unconditional support to return electoral justice to the voters of this city, and thus earn your vote. This pledge should appear on their literature and/or their web page. Anyone not pledging such support wants to continue the system that serves politicians best at the expense of service to the city and its citizens.

If you care about this city, PLEASE 1) Vote for ward elections and 2) Deny your vote to all incumbents except those named above who have shown commitment to restoring the election system that works, and 3) Deny your vote to any candidate who does not demonstrate unconditional support for ward voting and a pledge to vote to return it at the earliest meetings of the new council. Oshawa is at a standstill until we elect an accountable, responsible, and responsive council. Oshawa cannot afford another term like the one we’ve just had whose only notable actions were 1) to hire a single-source city manager at close to $300,000 salary without performing an extensive executive search, 2) To waste $115,000 on a single source consultant who would author a “Bogus Sham Report” recommending firing the auditor general, 3) to eliminate the position of Auditor General to wipe out any independent oversight of city hall expenditures, and 4) To have interested citizen spectators attending council assaulted and arrested by armed undercover police invited to council to potentially arrest a list of 5 people supplied to them by city hall.


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