Letter to the Editor

The Executive, and Head of the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, Bob Malcomson, have chosen their favored candidates for election to the position of Mayor of Oshawa and are hosting a breakfast meeting Oct. 17 just days prior to the Oct. 26 Election for their chosen Candidates. This will give the “chosen” special exposure to as many of the Chamber’s 850 business members who chose to attend.

We expect a close election and this special exposure of those invited may result in the winning margin when the votes of the members and their families are factored in.

The Chamber has a perfect right to invite any political figures they want during Non-Election Periods. But it is an affront to democracy for a non-partisan organization to exclude 8 Mayoral Candidates from their meeting, just days prior to the election, while inviting only two of the Candidates, neither of whom have any better chance of winning than 2 or 3 other candidates in the race. When questioned about this, Malcomson said the two were chosen because none of the others had a chance of winning.

With such a muse in our midst, maybe we should do away with expensive and inefficient elections and democracy while we’re at it, and just have Malcomson sit at his desk and determine the whole of council…and why stop there. Let him choose all the Federal MP’s as well from the 1500 candidates across the country.

If there are not enough suitable council candidates to please Malcomson, perhaps he could name his wife and members of his family to get enough suitable candidates.

Hopefully, the more Democratic Members of the Chamber may rise up in protest and demand that the breakfast meeting highlighting Gray and Henry be postponed until after the election, or better still, insist that the Chamber perform a useful public service by hosting a debate among all the Mayoralty Candidates.

Bill Longworth,

Oshawa Mayoralty Candidate,